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Everything You Need to Know About Energy Comparison

There is an increasing demand for energy from households around the globe and rising energy tariffs. This means that there is a need for better energy deals. Many households find themselves trapped in an endless web of outrageous tariffs with little to no money for their other needs. Moreover, profit margins for big energy companies are steadily increasing.

The UK has approximately 11 million households that pay high energy bills, with a majority tied to the Big Six energy companies (EDF Energy, SSE and E.ON), NPower, ScottishPower and British Gas). These companies, which supply electricity and gas to approximately 95% of UK households, are not surprising. There is an urgent need to find better options, as consumers are paying more than PS300 for energy.

How you are being low-balled with high energy tariffs

It may seem strange that you are spending more money on utility bills. This is even worse for customers of Big Six energy companies’ services. These companies had a healthy profit margin in 2016 of 4.5%, on average. They also hit consumers who didn’t switch to higher tariffs. These companies made PS1 billion from this action. These corporations charge consumers a dual fuel tariff of PS1,123 per year, which is more than the smaller energy companies’ tariff. Consumers should compare energy prices to find the best pan for them.

Comparing Energy Prices

You can quickly and easily compare energy prices by consulting a reliable energy consultant. Simply Switch energy comparison is one of the most trusted sites that provides accurate information about energy suppliers and tariffs. Simply switch energy comparison only requires your postcode, how much energy you use, and the name of your provider.

After selecting the plan that suits your needs, you can switch. The remaining steps will be completed by the energy consultant, new provider of energy and current supplier. The good news is that access to electricity or gas will not be interrupted during this time.

Can customers with prepayment meters switch to energy plans?

Yes. Even if you have a prepayment device, switching between energy tariffs is possible. When asked about the tariff payment mode, all you have to do is enter “prepayment meters”. You may be wondering how to tell if you are on prepayment meters. The answer is simple: if you pay your energy bills in advance with a token, smart card or key, then you will use a prepayment meter. If you want to change to a different tariff you can use a credit meter to replace it.

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Can I switch to a different plan with the same provider?

If you do not want to switch from your current energy provider, you can still find better deals through an energy consultant. You can switch from the default standard variable rate tariff to a fixed rate tariff. Changes to your plans are an option if you are satisfied with the service provided by your current provider.

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