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GETO’s Self-Climbing Formwork: Unleashing Efficiency and Cost Savings

GETO is a trusted name in the construction industry, offering innovative solutions that transform construction processes. Their self-climbing formwork is a groundbreaking system that brings unmatched efficiency, safety, and cost savings to vertical construction projects. With a commitment to excellence, GETO empowers businesses to achieve extraordinary results while optimizing budgets.

The Technological Advancement of GT-18 Self-Climbing Platform

GETO’s GT-18 self-climbing platform system is a game-changer in scaffolding technology. Tailored specifically for high-rise buildings, this self-climbing platform delivers exceptional benefits. One-time installation is all that is needed for the entire construction process of a skyscraper, resulting in significant cost savings. Compared to conventional scaffolding systems, implementing GETO’s self-climbing platform can save their clients 30% to 50% in costs. This includes a remarkable 60% reduction in steel material usage, 40% lower operational costs, and an astounding 80% less electricity consumption.

Unmatched Safety and Convenience

GETO’s self-climbing formwork system guarantees the utmost safety for workers during construction. With reliable engineering and robust design, it provides secure platforms for material installation and construction work on high-rise buildings. The integrated self-climbing platform ensures convenience and time savings, eliminating the need for cumbersome adjustments and dismantling associated with traditional scaffolding methods.


GETO’s self-climbing formwork changes vertical construction, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched safety and cost savings. From high-rise buildings to complex projects, their self-climbing platform system streamlines construction processes, resulting in faster timelines and significant cost reductions. By choosing GETO, businesses can achieve exceptional results while optimizing budgets and ensuring the safety of their workforce. Embrace the future of vertical construction with GETO’s self-climbing formwork and unlock a new level of efficiency and success in your projects.

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