Indians ordered 2 Biryanis per second on Swiggy in 2021. What else did they order? Check out

Swiggy recently released its sixth annual StatEATstics Report. According to the report Indians order 115 Biryanis every minute.

Swiggy recently released its sixth annual StatEATstics Report. The report shows that Indians order 115 Biryanis every minute. This number has remained at the top for more than six years. StatEATstics orders analysis is based upon Swiggy’s food delivery and pick up/drop services by Swiggy Genie/HealthHub.

Indians consume more than 115 Biryanis every minute

According to the report, Desi Samosa was India’s top snack with 2.1 million orders. Pav Bhaji is India’s second favorite with 2.1million orders. Gulab Jamun was followed by Rasmalai as the most requested dessert. According to the report, Pan Asian, Indian and Chinese were the most popular cuisines, while Mexican, Korean and Fifth were the fourth and fifth, respectively.

After 10 pm, cheese-garlic bread and popcorn were the most requested food items. Delivery partners were busiest between 7-9 pm and 10-11 pm. Instamart alone delivered more than 28 million fruits and vegetables in 2021. The top five most popular fruits and vegetables were tomatoes, bananas and onions, as well as potatoes and green chillies.

According to the report, a new trend is emerging that shows more demand for health-focused restaurants as people search for healthy food via the food delivery app. This has doubled the number of orders this year. Orders for health-focused restaurants increased by 200%. The most health-conscious city was Bangalore, followed closely by Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Instamart delivered approximately 45,000 soaps and handwashes, and 1 lakh masks. Instamart also delivered 70,000 packs band-aids, 55,000 diaper packs, and 3 lakh sanitary napkins. Genie’s’medicine’ category saw a 288.79% increase. Swiggy Genie served over 600 meals each day between April and June 2021. These meals were prepared by COVID heroes such as Sathya Sai Trust or Hyatt Regency.

According to the report, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore ordered more than eight million kilograms of batter in this year. Chennai was the city with the highest tipping rate for Swiggy’s delivery partners. It received Rs 6,000 per order.

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