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Social Media Ad Specs: Make it Right the First time

Marketers face many challenges. But perhaps the greatest challenge is to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

Advertising has changed with social media. Brands are increasingly relying on video ads. It’s not enough for brands to know what type of ads they should post. They must also consider the appropriate visuals and social-media ad formats to be posted on the platform.

Facebook Video Specifics

Facebook has been growing in popularity every year since its introduction in 2004. It is now the most popular social platform where users can upload pictures, videos and update about their lives. Advertisers love Facebook advertising. The platform generates a large portion of its revenue through advertising.

Facebook offers too many options for what kind of video you can post, which is a problem for advertisers. These are the guidelines to follow.

Videos of landscapes

Video dimensions – 1280 x 720

Minimum width – 1200 pixels

Aspect ratio – 16:9

Maximum file size: 4GB

Video format – MP4 and MOV

Maximum frames – 30fbs

Video length max – 240 minutes

Portrait videos

Video dimensions – 1280 x 720

Minimum width – 1200 pixels

Aspect ratio – 9:16

Maximum file size: 4GB

Video format – MP4 and MOV

Maximum frames – 30 fbs

Video length max – 240 minutes

Brands should upload high resolution videos (1080×1080) to ensure maximum viewership. Each type of Facebook advertisement is unique. With the increasing number of advertisers on Facebook it becomes more important for brands to get the social media advertising formats right.

Instagram Video Specs

In 2013, Instagram’s video function was launched. It quickly became a success and, by 2015, Instagram advertising was the most effective way to get immediate results.

Instagram is primarily an image and video sharing platform, so advertisers need to get their ads right the first time.

Feed Videos

Minimum resolution: 1080×1080

Recommended horizontal resolution – 1920

Landscape aspect ratio – 16:9

Vertical aspect ratio – 4:5

Square aspect ratio – 1:1

Max file size (all formats) – 4GB

Video formats that are recommended – MP4 and MOV

Video length – 3-60 seconds

Carousel Video Ads

Minimum resolution 600×600

Maximum resolution: 1080×1080

Maximum file size – 4GB

Aspect ratio – 1:1

Video format recommendations – MP4 and MOV

Videos per ad post – 2 to 10 videos

Instagram Reels

Insta reels were a new feature that social media giants introduced in 2020. Instagram reels are similar to TikTok’s short videos and easy sharing.

Recommended resolution: 1080×1080

Aspect ratio – 9:16

Video length – 15-30 seconds

Formats recommended – MP4 and MOV

Maximum file size: 4GB

TikTok Video Specs

TikTok was popular right when many social media users were searching for new platforms to entertain and keep them entertained. Although the social media platform was immediately a hit with younger users, some professionals still have not mastered TikTok’s marketing and how to use ads best.

TikTok’s short videos make it easy for content creators to create trendy content. TikTok allows users to easily create, share, and view videos. Creators need to ensure that the dimensions of videos are consistent with the standard mobile phone dimensions.

TikTok Feed Ads

Resolutions: 540×960, 960×540, or640x640

Aspect ratio: 9:16, 1:1 or 16:9

Recommended length: 9 to 15 seconds

Maximum file size – 500MB

Bitrates minimum – 516 kbps

Video formats – MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP

TikTok Organic Videos

Resolutions – 1080×20

Aspect ratio – 9:16

Length: 15-60 seconds

Maximum file size – 287.6MB

Video formats – MP4 and MOV

Twitter Video Specifics

Twitter is another popular social media platform, with 206 millions active users each day. Some of the most well-known people have large followings on Twitter. Former President Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian (reality star) and Rihanna (singer) are some of the most popular Twitter accounts.

The “bird app”, as it is commonly referred to, allows brands to advertise content in a variety of industries, including the entertainment and sports sectors. Twitter allows you to easily share content. However, the dimensions of the in-feed content can change.

Landscape resolutions – 1280×720

Portrait resolutions – 720 x 1280

Square resolution -720×720

Aspect ratio (portrait/landscape) – 16:9

Square aspect ratio – 1:1

Maximum file size -512MB

Video formats that are recommended: MP4 and MOV

Video length – 140 seconds

Recommended frame rates: 30 or 60 fps

Maximum character count – 280 characters

YouTube Video Specifics

YouTube is the most popular search engine. It is also the best network for video content. Marketers can use the space to promote their products and share video content.

YouTube is always evolving and finding new ways to reach people regardless of their age. It offers everything from promotional videos to full-length movies. Learn more about each video format available on YouTube.

Standard YouTube Video

Dimensions recommended: 3840×2160. 2560×1440. 1920×1080. 1280×720. 854×480. 640×360. 426×240.

Aspect ratio – 16:9

Maximum file size – 128GB

Video formats – MP4, MOV and MPEG4, MPEG4 MPEG-PS and AVI, WMV, FLV and 3GPP

Maximum video length: 12 hours

YouTube Shorts

Dimensions recommended – 2160×3840. 1440×2560. 1080×1920. 720×1280. 480×854, 360×640. 240×426.

Aspect ratio – 9:16

Maximum video length: 60 seconds

Video formats – MP4, MOV and MPEG4, MPEG4 MPEG-PS, and AVI, WMV. FLV, FLV, and 3GPP

Maximum title character – 100 characters

Maximum video length: 15 seconds

Social media advertising campaigns offer endless possibilities. Now is the right time for brands and marketers to integrate video content into their marketing plans. It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate the details of these video ads.

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