The Value of Hengli Petrochemical’s Development Prospects and Your Collaboration

Hengli Petrochemical’s commercial activities include the manufacture of petroleum products as well as the import and export of products and technologies. To better achieve cooperation, you must comprehend the development potential of Hengli Petrochemical in this article.

The potential for Hengli Petrochemical‘s expansion

– Hasten the layout of the chemical industry downstream. The advantages of an upstream large chemical platform, as well as the capacity to transport and store various types of rare upstream raw materials to the downstream chemical new material industry chain, have been developed over time by Hengli Petrochemical. Hengli Petrochemical is still engaged in the strategic development of new chemical materials with support from the broad chemical platform.

– Continue moving forward with high-end differentiation. Hengli Petrochemical’s construction of the project will greatly expand the company’s polyester sector’s production capacity and scope. The business will keep moving in the direction of high-end differentiation while boosting core competitiveness and expanding its production capacity.

– Increase raw material coverage gradually. Hengli Petrochemical has a supply capacity as well as a reserve of PBAT’s technological tools and procedures. Hengli Petrochemical also continuously researches and creates novel energy materials to meet the demands of the new energy sector.


Hengli Petrochemical is actively working to build a top-tier petrochemical new material firm with a complete industrial chain through a thorough introduction of outside technology and internal R&D innovation.

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