These are the Best Fintech Software Development Tips

Companies in the financial sector are increasingly interested in fintech. Small start-ups are responsible for developing innovative solutions in various areas.

These areas include online and mobile payments, alternative finance, big-data, and, most importantly, financial management. With the help of many new technologies, fintech software developers companies started the revolution in finance.

Next, we’ll be discussing tips for creating the perfect fintech app.

Top 6 Tips to Develop a Fintech App

These are six top tips to help you create a fintech app everyone will love.

Use hyper-personalization

One of the important trends in mobile financial services is hyper-personalization. It’s based on analysis of user behavior and not just its basic characteristics. It is possible to build work with hyper-personalization only iteratively: the more information about the actions of the client, the more accurate the proposals for him will be.

Everybody uses the app in different ways. Someone transfers money weekly to their children, while another repays a loan each month. Artificial intelligence analyzes the actions and preferences of the user to offer relevant services.

A personal account is a vital part of any application engaged in customer retention. It increases the core audience, the average bill, as well as the time spent in an application.

The content now adapts to the user and he receives personal reminders, offers, cashback, and bonuses. Hyper-personalization allows you to spend less time searching for options and information, freeing up time for more important things. If the right options are available in a quick way, it’s more likely that someone will return to your application.

The trend toward instant payment and a faster payment system

Any application that sells products or services must have bank card linking. If a person does not need to search for a card number or use third-party mobile services, he is more likely make a purchase. The Fast Payment System is a new form of payment that has emerged in addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are familiar with many systems.

This payment method is online as soon as the banks establish the source of loyalty and technically ensure that payments are accepted. Self-employed can instantly get money on their cards through the system of fast payments. You can also pay your bills with a QR code from any mobile bank that connects to a fast payment system.

Create a super app

Apps called super apps have their own ecosystem. This includes a variety of services, from financial to lifestyle. A user can check the status of their account and buy tickets to the theater. You will need to create a complex IT infrastructure from scratch in order to create a super-app. This includes establishing a large number of relationships among services within the app.

This application has one advantage: it requires a lower budget to attract users. However, to attract third-party services into your ecosystem, integration is necessary. Small companies have a smaller development budget and are therefore less attractive to potential partners than larger competitors.

User interaction

Professional product development is required to keep users engaged and not leave the app. Because of the fierce competition in the market, every company goes out of its way to show customers they are different. Loyal customers are given premium status and personal managers who can be reached 24×7. There are also increased bonuses and cashback. Concierge service thrives.

This personal support increases loyalty and gives the impression of a caring company. There are many interesting new ideas that can be added to the traditional services that offer greater comfort.

Functionality and emotion now go hand in hand – along with advanced services, don’t forget beautiful screensavers, animated animations, or icons. Fintech apps don’t have to be boring because they only do financial transactions.

Bet on native apps

Which is more important to develop: native or cross-platform apps? The native is what we rely upon. Native apps are more flexible and functional because they are tailored to each platform’s features. Native services have fewer restrictions than other types of apps, which is their biggest advantage.

Cross-platform apps can freeze when custom widgets are used. They also take longer to finish. They can have a slower animation speed and lose special effects to native ones. Frameworks that provide cross-platform services have many limitations.

In some cases, cross-platform security updates were released much later than native libraries. This is a major business risk for fintech companies, where security is a top priority. If the task is to speed up and make it cheaper, or test a hypothesis, then it makes sense to develop a cross-platform app. Native IOS and Android are the best options if the goal is to launch a service with gestures, swipes and facial biometrics.

Product managers and UX/UI designers work in strong teams

A successful application is built upon the expertise of Fintech Software Development specialists. You can avoid endless changes by relying on professionals. Product managers and UX/UI designer are crucial in app development. They determine whether the user experience is pleasant and comfortable.

The company trains and upgrades its employees to improve their skills and attitude.

It is crucial for a fintech app to not only connect to the latest options, but also be simple to use. It all depends on how frequently people use the app.


Both clients and businesses need financial applications. This is a great way to communicate with customers and provide unique business opportunities and tools . It also optimizes budget control. This is a great investment in the company’s future. These tips should help you choose the best path for your fintech solution.

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