What is a tie bet? Revealing how to bet on winning bets

Draw odds are a form of sports betting that is very popular in the “red and black” world today. However, for new players, this is a relatively new phrase. So what is this type of bet? Let’s all join together Neu88 bookmaker Discover now through the article below!

What is a draw in sports betting?

The draw bet in soccer betting is also known by another name as the 1-ball handicap. This form can be understood as the home team will handicap the away team by 1 goal in a soccer match. If you bet on the home team, you will win with a score of 2 – 0 in favor of this pair. And if you win with a score of 1 – 0, the result will be considered a draw.

With this form of betting, the advantage will be in favor of the away team. Therefore, this type of bet requires players to have the ability to analyze and clearly understand the performance level of the two teams. From that, it can be deduced that the draw will not be for new players who do not have much experience.

Outstanding features of draw bets attract players

Although commented that he is very picky about players, once he clearly understands the rules and how to playdraw bet. Then you will notice that this ripe green form brings many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Support players to minimize unnecessary risks when betting. If the match ends in a draw, your initial capital will be refunded.
  • The winning rate is up to 50%, thanks to the possibility of “losing money” because this bet only has 2 main bets.
  • Once you understand the capitalization rules of tie bets, everyone can easily place their bets right from the first time.
  • With this type of bet, players only need to predict which teams will win or lose, without having to pay attention to the score of the match.

How to play draw bets for newbies

To be able to participate effectively in reducing capital with this type of draw. You need to clearly understand how to read the odds analysis table and the betting rules in this way of playing green nine.

How to view the betting odds table

On an odds analysis table, reading the draw is considered the simplest and easiest to read. So what is it? Please stay tuned for the next content here!

  • Draw No Bet: This is the display name of this type of bet on the house’s analysis table provided to bettors.
  • The names of the two competing teams will be displayed in the form that the home team will be first and the away team will be second. With 2 symbols: H – Upper handicap team and A – Underdog team
  •  odds: This is the display name of the payout rate, usually corresponding to the final result of a betting game.

Rules for playing draw bets

Bet winnings/losses will be calculated according to the formula: Initial capital x odds = Winning amount; The amount of lost bet will be equal to the capital you spent at the beginning. If the two teams tie, the house will return the bet to the player.

Experience in betting on draws and wins for new players

Draw bets in soccer betting are one of the forms of handicaps originating from Asia. Type of bettingsport This is popular with many green players in Vietnam. However, being able to win when participating in this type of bet is not an easy task. Below are effective betting experiences that New88 has compiled to send to fellow bettors.
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Learn about the two competing teams

This is a step that cannot be overlooked when you are making draw bets and building your own capital raising strategies. With this step, everyone can easily analyze which teams have stronger and weaker performance. It is necessary to clearly understand the detailed information of both teams to increase the odds of winning.

Analysis of the starting lineup

The score of each match is one of the deciding factors in your ability to win a bet in a draw. And the people who create those attractive numbers are our professional strikers. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the lineup of each team and make the most accurate decisions.

Apply draw betting strategies flexibly

Winning in betting is not only based on luck and randomness, but it also depends greatly on the strategies you devise. This factor accounts for 80% of your success in this ripe green form.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Another factor that you need to know is that you should choose a reputable house to participate. This is an extremely important thing that determines your ability to succeed. Don’t decide to choose poor quality betting floors because of virtual promotions. Causing people risks, such as losing bets, revealing personal information.

New88, one of the most prestigious sports betting playgrounds today and loved by many bettors. Here, this betting floor is always committed to putting the interests of players first. By publicizing all the prize drawing processes and payment of winnings to players.


Above are all the detailed information about the type of draw soccer betting that New88 wants to share with you. We hope the above information will help everyone have a more comprehensive view of this ripe green form.

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