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Why You Need the Fujitsu Fi-8000 Series in Your Office

You can lose hours trying to fix frustrating scanner malfunctions or jams. You may be amazed at the technological advancements made in recent years if your document scanner has been many years. Here are five reasons you should upgrade your scanner in 2022.

How efficiency can improve your workflow

High-end scanners are equipped with the latest technology and have better specs. They’re also designed to maximize efficiency. Because many office workflows require scanning documents multiple times per day, even the smallest time-saving measures can quickly add up.

Reduce the time it takes to scan documents. Waiting for the scanner to finish scanning a batch of documents can be time that could have been spent on more important tasks in the office. The fujitsu high-speed scanner scans 70 pages per second, both front and back.

You can scan many different types of documents. You no longer need to sort documents according to size before scanning them. The latest technology detects smaller documents and makes sure that every piece is recorded. This allows you to place the entire file into the document feeder in one go. Fujitsu scanners are capable of handling more than paper. They can scan ID cards, pamphlets and any other document with a thickness of seven millimeters or less.

Avoid annoying jams. Scanner malfunctions can stop your workflow. Modern scanners are more efficient than older scanners. They can prevent your documents from getting stuck and scan correctly. If a document is misaligned or folded, image detection flags it. A scanner can detect crumpled paper sounds and shut down the scanner before jamming can occur.

Keep your scanner on your desk. A compact scanner can fit easily on a desk and avoid a messy copier or scanner room. Your workflow will run smoothly if you keep your scanner in the same place as your documents and work.

Use PaperStream Capture to automate data entry. Advanced modern scanners’ software is just as important as the hardware. Fujitsu’s PaperStream IP also includes PaperStream Capture which can automatically detect and sort data from scanned documents. The correct information from the scanned documents is available immediately so that workflow doesn’t get interrupted by looking through images for small or difficult-to-read numbers.

Digital Scanners: The Transition

High-tech scanners are actually simpler to use than older models, despite their new features. These features, like jam detection or ID scanning, don’t require you to control them, but are passive improvements that enhance the scanner’s performance.

Modern scanners have a more sophisticated interface. The scanner’s front screen is a simple-to-read LED color screen that guides you through the operation. There are fewer buttons than necessary. If multiple users are using the scanner, you can access custom user profiles at a touch. PaperStream software has an intuitive interface that makes it much easier to automate data entry than manually searching for the information.

Do not let slow scanners keep you behind. You can save time and avoid frustration by upgrading your scanner to one the leading fi products. This will improve your productivity, efficiency, and overall performance at work.

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