Establishing core values in your company

It is crucial to establish core values in your company for many reasons. Your core values will help you create your business vision. They are a way to promote company culture and build unity among the team. They can help you navigate difficult times or make important decisions for your leadership. They will also help you set your future goals. Continue reading to learn everything you need about creating core values in your company. What are Core Values?

Core values are a set of beliefs that help people distinguish right from wrong. This is the traditional definition. They can also be viewed as a set of words or a motto to live by. Personal and professional core values are the most popular. Personal core values guide the individual’s decisions and allow them to determine if an action is right or wrong. This allows you to make better decisions about people, events and actions every day.

For decades, core values have been used by businesses to establish company culture. The company’s values should be a guide for decision-making, just like personal values. Let’s look at core values within a business environment.

What are core values in business?

Core values should reflect the collective beliefs and behavior of all members of a team. These core values should reflect how the team reacts to external and internal stimuli. The establishment of core values is heavily influenced by company culture. These values should be considered the guiding principles for all decisions made in your company.

These values provide a clear explanation of why the company exists and how decisions are made at all levels. It is important to establish them early. These are just a few reasons why core values are important for a business.

It is important to have core values

Leaders in the company must be aware of the company’s values in all aspects of their work. Skilled managers already know how to use core values to improve performance during times of change or growth. For a more detailed discussion on core values, listen to the Kevin Miller podcast.

Your company’s core values must not only be authentic but also specific enough to resonate with your team. Vague words like “teamwork” and “perseverance”, while they may spark inspiration, are too general to be applicable to any company. Let’s take a look at how you can find values that resonate with your team.

How do you identify organizational values?

You will need to look at your own company and have conversations with your employees in order to identify your core values. You should evaluate all employees, at all ranks of seniority. Talk to employees about their values and how they bring them into the company. You can create core values for your company if you have a team that shares many of the same values. If you want to create impactful values, your team is the most important aspect of the company. Don’t forget to listen to them.

You can also look at the reasons your business was established to identify its values. You should be able, if you started your own company, to identify your values. Consider the goals of your company and determine if there are core values that you can use to achieve them.

Make sure you think about the kind of work environment that you want to create for your employees. Write down the importance of a close-knit group in your values. Your values should encourage promotion and upward mobility.

After you have created a set value that you like, share it with your employees before you finalize them. This is the best way for you to ensure that your values are meaningful and resonate with all of your employees.

Examples of Core Values

Here are some words to inspire you if you can’t think of any words that best describe your company culture.






Show compassion







You have not taken the time to create core values in your company. This is your signal to do so. The power of core values can motivate, inspire and encourage employees. Don’t be afraid to use them!


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