Play shooting angelfish with methods to hunt giant fish

Winged fish shooting game portal has been the most popular fish shooting hall for many years. To help you have an effective fish shooting experience, here we always provide the most effective features in the online fish hunting game industry. The article below, Nhà cái new88 will help you learn in detail every element in this game.

What is the game called Winged Mermaid Shooting?

Today’s online fish shooting has launched with the super attractive winged fish shooting game in 2024. This game is built on a modern platform, beautiful 3D graphics and vivid ocean sounds. The gaming effect in shooting angelfish is also extremely high quality and clear.

The difference with the mermaid shooting machine compared to other types of fish shooting is that you have the opportunity to hunt “mermaids”. The Little Mermaid has an extremely high bonus value compared to other targets. The reward mechanism of this game is also extremely fast and simply implemented. After you have reached the specified bonus level, the system will automatically exchange money in the form of a scratch card or to the bank for you.

The special feature of Mermaid Shooting is that you can install it on both iOS or Android platforms to access the game at any time without having to sit on a PC or computer 24/7.

Newly updated rules of the winged fish shooting game

Your task when starting to play angelfish shooting is to hunt as many fish with as high value as possible. For each fish or giant target destroyed, you will receive a corresponding bonus level to continue hunting other types of fish. Normally, fish types will have the following scores:

  • Common or small fish species will have a score of 2 – 10 points.
  • Pink angelfish species will have a score of 2 – 10 points.
  • Stingrays will have a score of 20.
  • The shark will gain 30 ammo points.
  • At the same time, there are many other creatures with equivalent values.

You will be able to use guns to shoot at fish with bullet levels depending on the player’s choice. Special features such as lightning or freezing also regularly appear to help you make Fish Shooting easier.

Players note: If you want to increase bonuses or items, please participate in lucky spins to win more interesting gifts.

Instructions for installing the winged fish shooting game

Step 1: First you need to access Google and search for the keyword “Shooting angelfish”. Then select Linh apk that matches the Android or iOS version you are using.

  • Download link to shoot winged mermaids and redeem rewards on ios.
  • Download link to shoot fish with wings and redeem rewards apk.
  • Download link to shoot winged mermaids and redeem rewards for Android.

Step 2: Install the apk link to your device and be sure to unzip and allow from unknown sources.

Step 3: Install successfully and access the fish shooting game

Terminology in fish shooting for prizes

Although it is a simple game, if you are a new player, there will definitely be a few terms you do not know. Below, we will explain a few important words in the fish shooting game:

  • Gun: This is the tool that players will use to shoot at targets on the screen. There will be many different types of guns but the usage is similar.
  • Ammo: Fish shooting bullets are an important factor that you need to pay attention to because they will be bought with money. Depending on the game you download, there will be different conversion levels.
  • Bonus: This is the amount of money you receive when you kill the fish and the money will be added directly to your game account. You can use it to make bullets and continue your game.
  • Lucky spin: Lucky spins are a special feature in the mermaid shooting game and if you are lucky enough to receive a spin, you will get additional bonuses.

Effective strategies for shooting winged angelfish

We have carefully researched the flying angelfish shooting system and immediately shared some effective fish shooting methods to increase the win rate up to 99%:

Should shoot fish

You are focusing on small fish and should not shoot continuously at those fish because it often has not high value but you must know how to shoot and stop at the right time. Use a gun to shoot one or two bullets at a moderate speed but spread in many different directions. Avoid just shooting at a small target because it is not very effective.

Choose medium-sized goals

You should choose medium-sized targets instead of fish that are too small or too large. According to statistics, average-sized fish have a high eating rate and profit compared to other types of fish.

This way of playing is relatively safe and suitable for those who are playing mermaid shooting for the first time. If you are a long-time player, start hunting larger fish, typically like mermaids in the game.

Take down the target as soon as it appears

The time it takes for a target to be defeated can last from the moment it first appears until it almost leaves the screen. If you start shooting at the target when it is already in the middle, it is very likely that the fish is not dead but has left the screen. So identify your target and shoot as soon as they appear on the screen to not miss the delicious bait.


Winged fish shooting is one of the variations of the very popular fish shooting game today. Hope that you get a lot of useful information from the article that  New88 dance just shared. What are you waiting for? Take advantage now to win your biggest goals.

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