Why A Tantric Massage in South Kensington Is Great For Your Mind

Tantric massage is a beautiful way to connect with your partner but it’s about more than just erotic touch. It involves the balance and interweaving of energy between you and your partner. The term Tantra translates from Hindi roughly as ‘the web’. This symbolizes the interconnectedness of the Mind, Body and Soul between partners.

Many couples struggle with intimacy. It’s a hard concept for most of us to understand, let alone express. Tantric massage South Kensington can help you and your partner rediscover what intimacy is. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to give a tantric massage at home.

What is so great about a tantric massage in South Kensington?

Erotic massage is a form of intimacy that is more in-depth than most people realise. There is a certain degree of intensity and intentionality that is required with tantric massage. A full body tantric massage will awaken sexual energy in both partners. By increasing the chemistry and energy between you, you will improve verbal and nonverbal communication and gain a better understanding of each other’s bodies. You will achieve a state of pleasure and relaxation together unlike any other. Most erotic and intimate acts end quickly with orgasm. Tantric massage requires more patience and a slower build before an exquisite finale.

There are so many benefits

The benefits of having a tantric massage in South Kensington are many. Because tantric massage is a full body experience it aids and heals through many avenues. In addition to feeling good and giving you an opportunity to touch your partner it is also amazing for building or rebuilding connections. When you engage in a tantric massage in South Kensington you will see for yourself how secure the space between you needs to be. Assuring your partner that there is no judgment and only support will help. Being laid out for a massage and having so much attention can be stressful for some people. Put your partner at ease and ensure that both of you are aligned on what the tantric massage activities will be.

Not only will you and your partner feel closer, you may experience the following benefits as well:

  • increased sexual endurance
  • better orgasms
  • pain relief
  • reduced stress
  • improved sleep

Therapeutic in so many ways

Tantric massage can heal the body and the mind in so many ways. Not only will you and your partner feel closer to one another through the intimacy of tantra massage South Kensington, but you will also receive the emotional benefits. Tantric massage can help loosen and move emotional blockages, even profound ones that are rooted in past trauma.

We find that our female clients often come to us after the experience of childbirth. Many of them find that giving birth strips them of their sexual autonomy and makes their body feel like a baby-making machine. In order to regain their sense of sexual self, many women visit our masseuses for therapeutic massage to help with these issues.

Men can also benefit from a tantric massage in South Kensington in a therapeutic way. Because tantric therapy is so deeply rooted in the mind and body, anything that has a fellow stressed-out can be addressed through tantric massage South Kensington.

Preparation For Tantric Massage at home

Before you begin your tantric massage you will want to consider a few details. The environment and atmosphere of a South Kensington tantric massage is as important as the massage itself. Because tantric massage is so emotionally deep and intimate, it is essential to create an environment that is free from distractions and overstimulation. Tantric massage generally takes at least one hour to complete, though if you are trying this at home we encourage you to take all the time you need.

Create a Sacred Space

If you want your at home tantric massage to be incredibly special and meaningful with your partner, take the time to prepare the space. Consider things like your most luxurious linens, low light, calming smells and quiet music in the background. If the room is too quiet or silent, it can be unnerving for both the recipient and the masseuse. We encourage you not to talk too much through your tantric massage. We know from experience that focus by both parties is part of what contributes to the intimacy and the overall success of the massage.

Use good oils

When conducting a tantric massage at home you can use any vegetable based oil that you like. Some people like to use olive oil or sweet almond oil, others prefer coconut. At Secret Tantric we use nothing but the finest cold-pressed organic grapeseed oil. We have chosen this particular oil because it is rich yet light, smooth with every application, and non-comedogenic meaning it will not make your skin break out. The last thing you want from a relaxing massage is a pimple!

Free your mind

The success of tantric massage relies on intention. If you are not touching your partner with intention and thinking about how you are manipulating their body and feeding their spirit, that will come across. If you are frustrated or impatient, irritated or distracted, your partner will feel it and you can do more damage than good. When we seek out professional tantric massages we can expect that the masseuse will be fully equipped and ready to deliver that massage.

When you have massage experiences at home things can be a bit more organic and unpredictable. Make sure that both you and your partner are in the right emotional and mental state. If your partner does not feel like being touched don’t push the issue. Neither one of you needs to take full responsibility for all of the massage. You can take turns or you can massage each other mutually throughout the session. If you or your partner have a hard time focusing or staying on task, taking a light-hearted approach and using more of your bodies than just your hands can be very helpful.

Variety is the spice of life

Not all tantric massage needs to look the same. When you visit a professional erotic masseuse they will go through a series of actions in a particular order to help you maximize your experience. When you and your partner are just trying to connect and have an intimate experience together, don’t get too hung up on technique.

To begin, one partner lays down and the other works on their back and the backs of their legs for the first portion of the massage. This includes the back of the neck all the way to the soles of the feet. When giving a tantric massage make sure that you use more oil than you think you need to. The objective of tantric massage is not to rush towards orgasm. Yes, the touch can be sensual, even sexual, but rushing is antithetical to tantric massage. Take your time and when you’re finished with the back, have them roll over. Once your partner is thoroughly relaxed, has felt the intention of your touch and their sexual energy has slowly been unwound, then and only then should you go in for the orgasm.

You undoubtedly know your partner’s body already. If you are less familiar with their likes and dislikes be sure to check in verbally and ask them for their level of comfort and consent before you try new techniques. The last thing you want to do is get them 85% of the way there and then get a cramp and have to give up.

Final thoughts on Tantric Massage

Do not despair if your massage does not look or feel like a professional. What matters is that you’re spending time with your partner, you’re trying something new, and you’re putting effort into keeping the love alive. Sexual attraction and sexual energies ebb and flow within a relationship. This does not mean that the relationship is doomed or cannot be saved. What it does mean is that you’ve made the right choice by committing some time together to explore tantric massage.

If you find that the task of giving each other tantric massage is too time-consuming or too intense you can always reach out to us, the professionals. Tantric massage South Kensington is a growing area of our business and we know for fact that our clients are very happy with what we provide. Our tantric massage in South Kensington is just one of many parts of our great city that host people just like you for incredible erotic massage experiences. Lucky for you we are all over town and our masseuses are often available within a short amount of time.
Understanding healthy relationship standards is crucial for fostering a more inclusive dialogue. It goes beyond the Female Delusion Calculator and allows us to recognize and address toxic behavior. Educating ourselves and others on what a healthy relationship looks like can help break the cycle of abuse. Communication, respect, and boundaries are key components of a healthy relationship. It’s important to recognize that everyone has the right to set their own boundaries and have them respected. By promoting healthy relationship standards, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for everyone.

Last thought

There’s really no reason not to try a tantric massage in South Kensington, we even offer couples massages if you and your partner would like to come together. As experts and authorities in adult entertainment and pleasure, we know how valuable tantric massage can be and how good it will make you feel. Trust us when we say that you can feel the benefits of a tantric massage in South Kensington with Marissa in the privacy ofher luxurious Kensington apartment.

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